Business Process Outsourcing

Overview of Business Process Outsourcing


At Grande Afrique Consulting we partner with you to manage specialized aspects of the business process giving leeway for your company to concentrate on its core business. Our aim is to propel efficiency and provide you with support to create an all rounded business with no weak points. We aim at transforming your business by creating efficiency which will inspire a driving force pushing your business to the forefront of its industry.



Project Management


Looking to deliver more successful projects using fewer resources and on time? Grand Afrique consulting brings this and more to your doorstep. Through harnessing our best practices in management of projects we can be able to efficiently accomplish your project within your budget, in time and all the while achieve that desired outcome.


IT Outsourcing


We inspire platforms for fusion of business and technology to create endless opportunities for business success. We have on offer a wide array of customized technology solutions to adapt to your business making day to day running easy for you.


Supply Chain Management


Maintaining a flexible and conscious supply chain

The right design of a supply chain calls for delivering not just the product but the brand promise and meeting expectations. Pre-requisites on supply chains are growing tremendously, from considering environmental issues, to complying with industry standards and delivering a consistent service and quicker time to market. All this while controlling costs and providing availability and transparency.


Recruitment and Hr Outsourcing


Are you staring at 1000 resumes sitting at your desk and wondering who the right person for the job is? Well wonder no further; here at Grande Afrique consulting our team of professional consultants is here to filter that for you, we not only deliver great candidates, we do so much more.

Business registration


The journey of actually starting a company kicks off with legal registration. The process however is bureaucratic at best and if not properly done valuable time may be lost and efforts may prove to be futile. That’s where we chip in to ensure that your company’s registration is successful, efficient and swift.


Virtual Assistant Solutions


Our dedicated resourceful team not only offers a viable solution to your administrative challenges but streamlines every detail in your day to day business or profession. Handling important appointments meeting deadlines, creating schedules and overall providing support services that are crucial in day to day running of the business.


Content development and management services


With the ease of finding information just a click away, organizations that are embracing online possibilities are making headway as they are bringing convenience closer to their consumers. We here at GA are ready to bring your organization onboard the information superhighway. We achieve this by managing your web content as well as delivering web content rich in quality. This in return spurs consumer’s interests in your organization to higher heights.


Website Development


The internet is fast gaining global interest and if your business is not online, you are missing out on potential customers. Chances are that the competition is well represented and thus at an advantage to draw such customers. We are onsite and well prepared with tailored solutions to bring your enterprise online and thus leverage that interest to pursue business prospects.


Customer support


Creating and maintaining that special communication link with your customer remains our main focus. We aim at strengthening relationship ties between a customer and your organization by addressing not only their extrinsic needs but their intrinsic ones as well. We aim at conceiving invaluable trust by customers in your organization.


Mobility Solutions


Mobile subscribers account for 85% 0f the global population. Mobile software and subscriber firms are capitalizing on this fact and probably the reason they are ever minting more ways of revolutionizing business interactions. This creates an opportunity of endless possibility of connecting enterprises to consumers. Organizations are realizing this and Taking Advantage of consumerization of IT.


Back Office Services


Grand Afrique offers you the best solution to outsourcing back office services. We work to support our clients ‘behind the scenes’ operations and process a high volume of transactions for our clients. We provide you with tools to help you track, gauge and control performance of your business.


Data Management


Organizations have to contend with the issue of managing the vast amounts of data they generate on a regular basis through processing analysis, manipulation, storage as well as backup. With the advent of information technology data has become available in two forms I.e. Electronic and hard form.




If the present organizational model is not yielding the aspired performance, it's time to re-think and redefine it. We go over and beyond to help you effectively manage change to better exploit your opportunities as a result of running in full capacity.


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