IS Audit



Grande Afrique Consulting uses the best tools and methods that give organizations confidence in the accuracy and integrity of systems and transactions underlying their key business processes and financial reporting. Within IS Audit, our consultants focus on the proper implementation, operation, and control of computer resources. GA will guide and train internal IS auditors and revenue assurance teams in the best methods and tools that validate and assess controls and security, perform risk assessments and business impact analyses, and improve operational and system performance.

GA offers the various IS Audit services including;

  • IT Audit for SOX Compliance
  • ERP Quality Assurance
  • Application Security & Control Audits

IT Audit for Sarbanes - Oxley Compliance


In our experience we have witnessed many organizations struggle with compliance issues because they lack the qualified and experience resources in-house. Grande Afrique Consulting is proud to have a variety of IT specialists that will easily fill the gaps that are in your organization. We help you review and test your controls and documentation processes to conform to the Sarbanes-Oxley compliance regulations which prevent corporate fraud.


ERP Quality Assurance Services


GA prides itself in having qualified IT consultants that are certified in a wide range of ERP applications (e.g., Agresso, Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft, etc.). We offer our clients pre and post ERP implementation reviews and maintain a presence all through your ERP project integration to ensure successful implementation.


Application Security & Control Audits


GA application security audit services are benchmarked on the best international standards (SOX) and we use the best tools that ensure the best results in the shortest time possible. We aim at achieving the objectives of Control audit for our clients in a professional and passionate way.


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