Micro-Business Development



Grande Afrique development specialists work to help entrepreneurs realize their dreams of making their businesses or ideas into a successful reality. By offering complete solutions and insights to start up, funding and growth, our specialists empower small businesses and vivid ideas to initiate and thrive. In our approach to micro business development, we focus on two dimensions of small businesses:


  • Taking your existing business to new levels.
  • Transforming a new business idea into a working reality.

Our Services include




We can assist you in establishing an organization structure that will enable you to efficiently control the processes of your business. This means creating a reporting framework that will enable you to be more in touch with business processes. We help you to set up a management structure that encompasses: decision making, planning, organizing, reporting, marketing, controlling and budgeting.


Startup or existing business planning


Business proposal writing

Our specialists help you in developing a business plan proposal that lays the foundation upon which your business will be built or will progress. Our expert team is able to professionally draft your idea into seamless business language that creates a focus on your goals and appeals to investors and other stakeholders.


Business Strategy


Long term and short term objectives

Our team can help you to schedule short-term plans (12 months) that will form an interim that will guide the business activities. Long term plans spanning from 1 -5 years, will be more growth oriented and focus attention to the development of your business capacity and performance.


Financial planning



In a lot of instances business have had to contend with the issue of falling out of budget thus having to tighten their belts for some activities. This more often than not jeopardizes your business as important projects along the way are not realized owing to insufficient resource allocation. Our experts help organize adaptive budgets for startups and existing businesses. These budgets unlike the traditional annual or periodic budgets are more efficient in addressing the unforeseeable circumstances as they are prepared multiple times in a year.




Getting to know the market environment, your customer and how to get them to engage in your products and services is of fundamental importance to your business success. We source for information that influences appeal of your outputs to target customers which u can use to modify the products and services to net in customers. We can offer you with market research to provide clear picture on the market environment you intend to operate or operate in. This will be helpful in making decisions on the business marketing strategy.


Establishing a company culture


A great company culture takes time to cultivate and cannot be implemented overnight. It starts with having good managers and all-inclusive, dynamic company policies that trickle down to employees. Our specialized development team helps you create that environment and set up a foundation for how your business operates with its clients and prospects.


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