At Grande Afrique, we partner with educational institutions and organizations of various levels and help them strengthen their education value. Our objective is creating a school environment which engages teaching and learning strategies more effectively to lead to student academic, social, emotional and civic development.

We believe that performance can be realized by striking the right balance in aligning the schools resources, learning objectives and motivational drives of the students. We help the school's management to focus on methods that support development and performance of their students.

Services include:

  • Strategic planning
  • Literacy approach and plans
  • Professional development
  • Involvement

Student Character building


A big percentage of how a student performs can be attributed to the level of involvement of stake holders other than teachers. The interactions can be enhanced through:

  • Development of a coherent curriculum design
  • Seminars and counseling sessions as well as mentorship programs
  • School assemblies
  • Student-lead parent/teacher conferences
  • Parent involvement
  • Community involvement
  • Student leadership development

Professional Development


Grande Afrique education specialists offer professional development coaching to assist education leaders, teachers and staff to develop and sustain quality and effective school climate. Such a climate would be one that specifically nurtures a positive, safe, caring, and learner-centered educational environment that fosters meaningful learning. This effectively takes responsibility for student achievement and success.


Literacy Approach and Plans


Literacy Audits
We do literacy surveys and research that compares institution practices, performance with best practices. Based on the results we form a recommendation for optimizing literacy and learning capability in your institution.


Strategic institutional planning


We engage the all stakeholders in the institutions environment i.e. the teachers, students, community, professional affiliates to guide planning and designing of a successful framework.




We aid in the selection process of the professional human resource that will embark to transform minds to academic excellence in your school. In the recruitment evaluation our team focuses on a potential candidate's role, skills, knowledge, and best practice matter. That revolves around our basic evaluation after which we measure aptitude naturally occurring patterns of thought, feeling, and behavior.


Who we are


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Management Consultancy

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IT Consultancy

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Development Consulting

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