Public Sector Governance


In current economic times effective public governance has proven to be a rough terrain. Pressure is constantly building from the public to make services easily accessible and more responsive to individual needs. There is also a recurrent demand for efficiency and transparency in public governance to ensure that public resources trickle down to the common citizen.

GA consultants therefore partner with governments to execute and expedite public sector reforms, realize good governance which in interest supports efficient decentralization of public services and resources to individual citizens. We offer our services to government agencies, government bodies and institutions, business groups and Non Governmental Organizations. Our services include

  • Carry out project design and implementation
    GA development consultants understand the intricacies of project design and the profound impact the planning stage can have on governance. Our team is equipped with the tools and technical expertise to craft polices for government agencies, bodies and institutions that support and facilitates good governance.
  • Evaluate and review of programmes and projects
    Our research aids in identification of capacity constraints, instituting support and strengthening plans for government departments and institutes. We do thorough impact assessments to gauge the policy validity and relevance to magnitude of public sector needs.
  • Formulate economic decentralization strategies
    A major challenge that governments face is how to effect equitable disbursement of national resources. We create decentralization policies that have broad population representation to support this process. In building these policies, various factors are taken into account such as contemporary economic issues and driving factors, budget provisions, crucial scenarios and sectors and many factors. In driving these policies our team develops decentralization strategic frameworks for to guide the decentralization policies for delivering efficient local service delivery.
  • Design and review public sector management programmes
    We review performance gaps of counties and districts in a focused effort to raise the performance against county and district benchmarks. This involves developing, reforming and planning of infrastructure, amenities, health programmes and other key performance indicators. Some strategies include: performance based grant systems whereby institutions in government are provided with incentives to improve performance.
  • Conduct research services and policy reviews.
    Our specialized strategy team helps public organs and institutions to set up a task force to undertake research into policy frameworks within their environments. These reviews are accurate in highlighting gaps and loopholes that are in the existing and developing policies. Our policy comparisons and research are comprehensive and draw data from governments all over the world and use the evaluation to test whether the policies are productive
  • Planning and assessment of financial management systems
    We weigh and perform a value based recommendation on government financing sources for raising government revenue to fund the national budget including tax revenue maximization, treasury bills, bonds, grants and loans. We build architecture that channels funds through govern systems with efficient access to audit and reporting. Moreover the financial management systems we design apply globally renowned practices in monitoring and appraising inter-government monetary transfers within government systems.
  • Budgeting and models and methods
    Designing financially sound budgets and those that will equitably support all the sectors of the economy is our forte. Budgets are premised on sector- need base analysis and factor in key economic issues. These techniques encompass constraints of time, budget and scope change to bring about efficiency in budgetary allocation disbursement.
  • Policy skills training
    Development of good policies can be a vain exercise if there is no competent direction and foresight to drive the policy through. In developing policies we offer training to senior policy officials and policy manager on how to effectively manage policies through:
    • Obtaining and analyzing relevant quantitative and qualitative information.
    • Professional stakeholder interactions and engagement.
    • Managing the transition from policy approval to implementation.
    • Development of relevant and supportive legislation.
    • Enhancing multi-agency cooperation via effective communication and coordination skills
    • Policy solutions analysis
    • Managing within the policy authorizing environment
    • Establishment of sound governance arrangements to enable delivery of high-level strategic advice
    • Understanding and managing the critical success factors for effective policy implementation

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