Regional Economic Development



In Regional development GA plays a role in stipulation of economic growth in underdeveloped or developing regions. It entails adopting distinguished economic methodologies towards provision of the economic development products. This will gratify expectations of potential investors.


Strategic planning


We help organizations set goals and analyze methodologies that will guide them to achieve their desired results. These methodologies and strategies are meant to mastermind and augment performance breakthrough in your organizations. They will help you in combining socio- economic factors that shape economic development.

We help our clients conceptualize approaches that focus on ways of alleviating obstacles that stand between them and their developmental goals.We help broaden their development programs that represent them in the regional set up


Market intelligence


Through the study of economic cycles we facilitate our clients in comprehending the markets they fall in. We further help them learn from past economic times and activities so as to predict future performance based on probabilities of occurrences in the economy and market behaviours.Through extensive and intense research, we are able to acquire rampant market information on global economies. We are then able to relate them with other regional economies and to analyse trends.

Our goal is to provide economic leverage to our clients and we believe that offering them market intelligence and know-how is the way to it.


Economic growth analysis


We help our clients to quantify their value through value management and performance tracking. GA brings in its expertise analysis that aids proper resource allocation in order to achieve sustainable development. Our economic analysis is aimed at enabling positive trends in relation to the economy and we take deliberate steps in ensuring that our clients relate with the same.

Governments and ministerial research programs interested in setting up projects in the region show great interest in our work, as we target to produce useful information for the greater good.


Project management


In gauging regional economic development, Grande Afrique economists apprehend the processes of market development in relation to labour output, infrastructure and industrial support. We provide procedural research and project management services to both government and private sector entities, thus guiding them towards undertaking research missions that will see them build and achieve profitability, trade and industry maturity.


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