Systems Quality Assurance

Systems Quality Assurance



With pressure being mounted on organizations to deliver quality products and services, the need for quality assurance gains more significance each day. GA quality assurance consultants clearly understand the importance of increasing customer confidence, company's credibility, improving work processes and efficiency. We work closely with our clients to ensure that the products and services they offer conform to specified requirements.

Research has established that effective QA is one of the best ways to accelerate return on investment of projects. GA can show you how. From requirements analysis through test planning, audits, integration and system test, defect tracking, version management and ultimately post-implementation, GA can help you to structure a QA program that will pay for itself many times over.


Post implementation reviews


Best practices dictate that in sustaining a robust quality systems assurance, a post implementation review should be conducted as a follow up to a successful implementation sign-off. GA systems assurance team is on board to find out the organization management’s and users’ experience on product in absence of product implementation team.

Why is it required?

A successful implementation does not ensure the completion of project. The reality starts when the implementation team has gone back and users have started using the project in full swing with the help of training material, learning, knowledge and product.

GA post implementation review consultants, are able to establish whether the health of users in respect of using the product is sustained, deteriorated, or improved.

We assure that various aspects of the systems/products are considered in time, measures are built in within a short duration and this saves costs for the company.


Quality control design and implementation



Quality Assurance is the most overlooked and underestimated phase of the process development lifecycle, yet it is arguably the most important. The idea that Quality Assurance is the last rubberstamp on an process prior to delivery is long dead; effective QA has to begin on the first day of the project.

Procedures in the program undertaken include:

  1. Testing architecture and components
  2. Testing tools utilized
  3. Testing schedules, plans, and durations
  4. Testing guidelines
  5. Catalog of existing documents
  6. Catalog of existing repositories
  7. Testing documentation library
  8. Testing Plans and Policy
  9. Defect Management and Change Control
  10. Reviews and Inspections

System Auditing


If you would like to simply improve your procedures or implement new ones we are skilled in getting the knowledge and expertise your staff have and putting it on paper. We can also perform thorough audits of current systems to ensure that everything is working as it is supposed to.

GA consultants conduct an informal audit of current quality assurance processes within your organization following ISO standards and or specific project/customer requirements.


Staff Training Programs


Every organization, whether profit making or not needs to continuously build it’s human resource capacity in order to have efficient output. Recruitment is expensive to any organization and so it’s every manager’s goal to tap the best and retain them the longest possible. The only way to do this is to recognize talent, enhance it and reward it for excellence. Reward in this case is not only financial but also in terms of skill.

It is in these interests that Grande Afrique has developed in-house training courses, classroom design trainings, revision classes for professional certifications as well as customized programs to meet unique needs of clients. We also conduct an annual trainer for trainers course aimed at keeping our clients abreast with issues affecting their areas of specialization.  Our consultants have continued to work to ensure that we align our client’s organizational training needs with their business strategies.


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