Assurance Services



Decision makers rely on business process generated information to make the decisions that will help an organization to achieve its set objectives. Grande Afrique Consulting professionals are adequately equipped with the knowledge, experience and the latest tools to improve the quality of business process information or the context of the information so that decision makers can make more informed, and better decisions. GA Assurance services provide independent and professional opinion that will reduce the risk that comes from misrepresentation of information.

GA offers the various Audit services including but not limited to;


Internal audit services


With increased business demands and a heightened regulatory environment management teams are looking for greater visibility into internal controls and ways to both reduce risk and expand audit coverage – all with limited internal audit resources. Thus the decisive objective of Grande Afrique Consulting is to provide internal audit services that improve the effectiveness and efficiency of an organization in dealing with managerial processes like risk access, asset management, financial reports among others. This is achieved through issue of recommendations that are backed up by a methodical data analysis process and assessment.


Regulatory compliance & reporting


The reality in today's business environment is that Regulatory compliance and reporting and its quality and accuracy can be achieved only through proper management and corporate governance. GA helps clients to set their corporate objectives and management strategies in a way that promotes actual compliance all through the organization. This becomes entrenched in the organizations daily practices and culture helping you derive real value from compliance to the law and set standards.


System Controls & Systems Process Assurance


At GA we offer our clients a comprehensive systems review bench - marked against the best standards in the world. We query your systems to determine adequacy in security, conformity to standards and availability and reliability. Our team of Certified Information systems auditors and IT professionals will look for all weak points and finally recommend and implement satisfactory solutions.


Financial Accounting


Many companies have today realized that it is not enough to operate locally. They also recognize that a move towards global trade must be met with conformity to International Standards such as IFRS. The GA team has consistently provided clients across the continent with accounting advice to meet international expectations. Many organizations have accounting technicalities that require external experts and in-house professionals may find difficulty in adjusting from GAAP to IFRS.


Financial Statement Audit


Shareholders and other major stakeholders in an organization do not solely rely on GRC practices and reporting. They are inclined to have financial statements verified for undeniable reliability, adequate internal controls and better supervision and oversight. It is therefore both legally and morally incumbent on management and all GRC professionals to harness and raise the confidence of investors and other stakeholders in the accuracy of financial statements.


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