Risk Management


Business today faces complex challenges that may determine its survival, growth and success. Since risk is inevitable in business and complete elimination is impossible, it’s only prudent to calculate and manage risk. This enables organizations to navigate the drawbacks of an ever changing business environment without interrupting business operations. At GA we understand that risk management is no longer the sole responsibility of the finance department. In our approach, we therefore evaluate all aspects of the business before providing comprehensive solutions for all aspects of risk management and regulatory reporting. The solutions are obtained using the tried and tested methodologies developed by GA.

This enables faster implementation at significantly reduced costs compared to classic project procedures. We work with our clients to assess the volatility in the market place and provide tailored risk management solutions in operations, information technology and even risk management planning. We not only work at resolving risks that affect the whole business but we also work with our clients to identify and mitigate risks that may affect only a particular aspect of their business. Our consultants use Risk management tools that have been acclaimed by respectable companies across the globe.

The GA solution


Enterprise Risk Assessor (ERA) is one such tool which helps clients manage all governance, risk and compliance issues so that they can compete successfully in the market while remaining compliant. The latest version of this product gives the client the power to personalise it. This has ensured a more intuitive experience for users, so they can spend less time talking about how and more about why and what’s next. Click here to read more on Era-Kairos.


The analysis of entire data populations using purpose - built analytic software is an efficient way to get a deeper understanding of the transactions occurring in an organisation. However, the level of insight gained is limited when the analysis is only done in an ad-hoc or unstructured manner. For organisations with business processes that are at risk for fraud, errors or compliance issues, there is not better solution than the integration of audit analytics. Our ACL experts work with our clients to create a customised strategy for integrating audit analytics into their audit plan. They also use Audit Exchange to conduct automated continuous analysis. Click here to read more on ACL.


Risk management is all about avoiding errors and in case they happen, we capture them before they ruin your data. We don’t stop there; we further ensure that the organization gets back its original information. This is why we have Apex SQL tools. If you want to recover deleted objects on your database or compare database data, ApexSQL Log, ApexSQL Recover and ApexSQL Build are some of the products you will require. We also have tools on audit recovery, development change and advanced management, all which are products from SQL. Click here to read more on ApexSQL.

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