Transaction Advisory

Transaction Advisory



The transaction advisory experts at GA Consulting comprise of well put together and devoted team with specific industry expertise and a wide range of experience.

We offer a futuristic perspective and profile of success across the entire transaction life cycle. Whether representing buyers, sellers or lenders, we offer comprehensive due diligence advice and hands-on support in evaluating opportunities across the risk/return. We help our clients maximize value and minimize risk.


Buyer / Acquisition Services


In making the all important buying decisions, our consultants step in to assist our clients, both private owners and corporate alike, to evaluate key value drivers and risk factors associated with potential targets, enabling them to:

  • Gain an understanding of significant patterns in the target business’ historical performance.
  • Evaluate the quality and sustainability of the target business’ reported earnings and free cash flow.
  • Analyze the quality of net assets being acquired.
  • Understand historical working capital patterns and identify opportunities to mitigate working capital levels 
    after closing.
  • Assess the achievability of the target business’ financial forecasts.
  • Address key tax and financial reporting risks in purchase agreement negotiations.
  • Evaluate post-closing purchase price adjustments.
  • Consider the effects of purchase accounting and valuation requirements in post-transaction financial 
    models for recently acquired businesses

Seller Services


Our seller services enable clients to maximize value throughout the transaction process. We apply the same framework of our buyer services and help sellers to identify and address potential areas of concern which includes;

  • Evaluation of quality of revenues
  • Assessments of earnings and net assets,
  • We do an examination to determine working capital requirements
  • Financial projections to help position our clients for the buy side due diligence process and minimize surprises at the negotiating table.
  • Advisory to clients on the deal structuring, negotiation and closing process.

Due Diligence Services


  • Finance & Accounting 
    Capitalizing on our financial expertise provides our clients the ability to direct their attention to other important areas such as better assessing a company’s business strategy, management team, and future growth prospects. This process allows the company to address concerns and issues that may be relevant to even the most demanding transaction.
  • Tax 
    We focus on the company’s tax compliance history to identify tax attributes with potential exposure or benefits. Key information is obtained in areas including, but not limited to:
  • EAC, and local income taxes
  • sales and use taxes
  • Personal property taxes
  • Real estate transfer taxes
  • Transfer pricing
  • International taxes
  • Foreign taxes
  • Payroll taxes
  • Franchise taxes


  • Valuations

The need for clear and thorough valuations has escalated dramatically due to increase in increased complexities of financial reporting and tax guidelines. Constantly evolving guidelines make substantiating the value of business assets and liabilities more challenging and important than ever before. More than ever, keen business and regulatory insights are needed to help ensure success in ever-changing markets, and this is exactly what we offer at GA.


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