Performance Improvement


Businesses are formed with the main objective of making profit. It’s therefore the challenge on every CEO that their business achieves its full potential. This can only be done by establishing the cause of low performance and revamping and injecting fresh ideas into the same inorder to experience change. At GA Consulting, we encourage a comprehensive review of all aspects of the business before drawing up a performance improvement process. The integrated solutions comprise of business process re-designing whose steps involve:

Organization Performance Evaluation

This involves analysis of the following:

  • Cash flows – We evaluate whether the company has a grip on its expenses by checking on excessive overheads close to or above the returns.
  • Human resources –We also assist organizations establish whether the employees are performing to capacity through engaging performance indexes.
  • Procurement - We assist clients look through their procurement procedures to establish whether there is possibility of cutting corners in this process.
  • Customer satisfaction -This evaluation further establishes the customer satisfaction effect through looking at areas like product packaging and customer satisfaction surveys. This aims at establishing that there is effectiveness in sales of the product in the market. It aims at answering questions such as, are we producing the right product for the market? Do our products reach the client at the right time and place? Are our customers happy with the quality and packaging of our products?

Performance Goal Setting

Most of the time, companies fail to perform because they follow very complicated business modules. At GA, after evaluating the key factors that affect an organization’s performance, we aid our client in rectifying any low performing areas and setting more realistic goals. We further breakdown these objectives into more measurerable objectives keeping in mind performance improvement. Our consultants focus on the following areas:

  • Budget management- We help clients re-organize their resources so that the resources are allocated to the most deserving tasks as per the evaluation outcome and in relation to the organization’s liquidity.
  • Business process redesign - Most of the time, unnecessary delay in production, delivery, bureaucracy and lack of proper controls leads to high costs which are eventually loaded onto the consumer which raises the price of the products. We work with our clients to ensure efficiency in production and this has led to a significant reduction in cost of production and ideally cost of the final product.
  • Procurement management - After auditing the procurement process, our consultants come up with ways in which this can be harmonized with the existing resources inorder to maximize on credit and reduce cash tied up.
  • Human resources management - GA consultants assist organizations in recognition of the right talent for different roles. When human resources are placed where they are suited the best, they inturn give their best and greatly improve the output and increase performance.

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