ACL Overview


ACL™ is recognized worldwide as the leading provider of technology for data access, analysis and reporting for audit and financial professionals. ACL technology expands the depth and breadth of your transactional analysis, increases your personal productivity, and gives you confidence in your findings.

Providing a unique and powerful combination of data access, analysis and integrated reporting, ACL reads and compares enterprise data allowing the source data to remain intact for complete data quality and integrity. ACL enables you to gain immediate visibility into transactional data critical to your organization.

ACL enables you to:

  • Analyze entire data populations for complete assurance
  • Identify trends, pinpoint exceptions, and highlight potential areas of concern
  • Locate errors and potential fraud
  • Identify control issues and ensure compliance with organizational and regulatory standards
  • Age and analyze financial or any other time-sensitive transactions
  • Cleanse and normalize data to ensure consistency and accurate results
  • Automate analytic testing and receive immediate email notification of results constricted nor aggregated.

You can go where you need to, wherever your data investigation requires, confident in the knowledge that data quality and integrity are maintained.




ACL-desktop provides visibility into an organization's most critical data. This is done as it increases the breadth and detail in analysis of data which increases confidence in audit findings. The following are some of the benefits of ACL:


ACL Training


We offer  training in ACL in three stages:

 ACL Foundations (for every user)-

Duration- 3 days

This is the first level course in ACL training. It is designed to teach the fundamentals of data analysis in an audit and general application context. On a practical stage, the objective of foundation level training is to impart the participant those skills that will allow him or her to effectively and efficiently use and implement ACL in real-life situations based on their organization.



ACL Audit Exchange


AuditExchange is the ACL Server platform designed to overcome the challenges of data access, security and coverage that audit faces and, in turn, provide the business assurance that your organization needs. AuditExchange is a powerful, server-based technology that provides automated data access capabilities within an organized, centralized and secure environment, supporting the scheduling and automation of analytics.

In a nutshell, ACL AuditExchange™ helps audit teams take their use of ACL Desktop to the next level.. AX Exception™ enables anomalies found during analysis to be passed seamlessly to business stakeholders responsible for determining the cause and correcting the control exceptions. 




ACL Acernomakes Excel 40% more efficient for audit work

ACL Services Ltd introduced ACL Acerno™, the newest addition to the company’s suite of audit solutions. Acerno is an add-in for Microsoft® Excel that is specially designed for working with data analyzed in ACL™ Desktop or AuditExchange™.


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