Is your organization facing doom due to a corruption in the data? Be it malicious changes to your database or accidental loss of data, at Grande Afrique, we have the tools to get you back on track. We have the tools to determine who changed data and when as well as reversing the changes made to restore you to the original data.

We also have tools to simplify even the most complex of data into a user friendly version. At Grande Afrique, we have products that can schedule unattended report generation as well as document SQL servers, databases , objects and SSIS packages in a single document.

We are Kenyan Partners with Apex SQL with the range of products on offer for the above services and more being :

Database Administration Tools

These are enterprise tools for auditing and recovery. They include:

  • ApexSQL Log - For audit, undo or replay SQL database changes
  • Apex SQL Recover - This helps recover deleted, dropped, corrupted or lost data

Programmable APIs

These tools enhance access to the APIs of our most popular engines. They include:

  • ApexSQL Diff API - Compare and synchronize SQL databases programmatically
  • ApexSQL Log API - Audit SQL database changes programmatically


These tools comprise of productivity add-ins for SSMS and VS. They are:

  • ApexSQL Profile - Performance profile SQL code
  • ApexSQL Refactor - Format and refactor SQL code
  • ApexSQL Complete - Auto-complete and coding productivity features
  • ApexSQL Version - Database version control integration

SQL Development

These are productivity tools for developers and data base administrators.

  • Apex SQL - Track data changes to SQL databases
  • Apex SQL Build - Build, update and deploy SQL databases
  • ApexSQL Clean - Analyze dependencies and remove unused objects
  • ApexSQL Data Diff - Compare and synchronize SQL database data
  • ApexSQL Diff - Compare and synchronize SQL database objects
  • ApexSQL Doc - Document SQL instances, databases and SSIS packages
  • ApexSQL Edit - Develop SQL code in a single integrated environment
  • ApexSQL Script - Script and package SQL databases

Why Apex SQL products?

  • Over 8,000 customers cannot be wrong. The large Apex SQL clientele base is a testament of satisfaction that the products have great returns on Investment.
  • It saves you money when you buy multiple tools in a discounted bundle hence cutting on company costs while at the same time, you get great value.
  • There is enhanced efficiency of these products and constant introduction of new products customized to reach customers' unique needs and to add value in their systems to increase their return on investment.
  • ApexSQL has a diverse pool of professionals with great knowhow and skills hence creating great products. Every product is tested against software purposely designed as a quality check. To go the extra mile on quality, clients are rewarded for any errors reported.
  • Great customer service-The customer service with Apex products is awesome. All your querries are answered promptly. A simple email is all it takes.

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