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Enterprise Risk Assessor (ERA)


Enterprise Risk Assessor (ERA) is an audit software that deals with governance, risk and compliance (GRC). With increasing business complexity and audit requirements, spreadsheet-based systems are no longer suitable for managing internal audit programs. For companies that operate within a regulated environment or are following quality standards, regular audits need to achieve a high level of efficiency to reduce the risk of non-compliance. . ERA Kairos from Methodware resolves the problem of handling all risk and audit activities within a single application.

Greater Control of Your Audit Program

Unlike other GRC platforms, the audit functionality of ERA Kairos is a fundamental part of the core offering. No time consuming and costly integration programming required - just integrated access to all the risk, compliance and audit functionality needed


Personalized GRC is the core promise. To get maximum value from your GRC initiatives, your individual users must be engaged. Terms like workflow, configuration and customization are used to describe approaches to engage users, but often don't really help.

The ERA Kairos difference? ERA helps you give users their own personal views of GRC, based on your organization’s specific needs and data requirements. All they'll need is a browser.

With ERA Kairos, you have full drag-and-drop control over what your users see and how they use the system. Field positioning, ordering of screens, business logic – use our library of methods or build your own to simplify things for your end users and make life easy for you.

This leads to a more intuitive experience for your users, so you can spend less time talking about how and more about why and what’s next.


Methodware knows there are two sides to risk. Traditional GRC focuses on the negative – how much could we lose? What will the market think if we try something new? Are we protected? Although important, these questions don’t provide a complete picture. What about the upside?

We believe that understanding the opportunities inherent in risk is just as important to your organization. Efficiency, ease of use, better alignment with the business – these are all benefits of ERA Kairos that your business can leverage to pursue great opportunities.

GRC has evolved – risk managers, compliance officers and internal auditors need to be able to show benefit to the organization beyond filling out forms or ticking boxes. ERA Kairos provides that opportunity


Workflow is a common, overused term in GRC that has lost its meaning. Instead, Methodware uses the term method to describe the personalized process and steps required to complete a task.

Methods can be as simple or complex as you want, depending on your process and users. Use a single, basic screen or a series of linked screens full of information and design.

Methods incorporate business logic and intelligent decision trees, so you can match your particular needs. The screens and steps of a method are all controlled by you – drag and drop text, images and fields into a screen, link screens together and add visual cues. There’s no need for programming!

You can create as many methods as you need, and since access to methods is based on user security, you can have different groups of user’s access the same data using different methods. Use our library of methods or build your own.


User Experience

Users interact with GRC data and processes in a variety of ways – executives want the big picture, business units want an unobtrusive process, GRC professionals want everything. With ERA, users can have their own personal views of GRC based on the organization’s needs and their role’s requirements.

Usability is a key part of the ERA Kairos experience. Methodware understands that for GRC initiatives to be successful, users have to be engaged and take ownership. Personalized GRC means everyone sees only what they need, in a format that fits their work style.

Publish views of data across your user base, and let users develop their own views of summary and detail data, task lists, trend graphs and heat maps. Using ERA Kairos is so intuitive your end users will understand with little or no training.

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17 April 2012

Products - Era Kairos

Exploring the ERA audit function


A risk structure is created that helps identify risks in the organization. Upon identification, they are analysed to indicate their types and areas in the management that they are most likely to affect. This is done through reporting on business events that are likely to record losses or decrease returns.


ERA audit benefits


Versatile risk approach

The ERA product ensures that we provide the most relevant and dynamic solutions. We employ the audit analyser to certify that our products help our clientele to allocate their resources in the risk assessment and management process


ERA audit solutions


The ERA audit product provides the following solutions both to the public sector, corporate and SMEs:

Data analysis – data necessary to the audit functions is easily accessed and interpreted through our audit tools


Key Features


  • ERA Kairos utilizes Microsoft Word and Excel for reporting allowing existing document templates to be used - the audit team is able to generate management reports, draft audit findings, audit planning memos, planning checklists, risk assessment reports and many others very quickly.

Hosted ERA


A resilient and cost effective hosting for ERA is implemented that helps secure optimum performance and to secure data. This helps you gain full closure on shortcomings of GRC (governance and risk compliance) by enabling high quality responsiveness and convenience.


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