What is PAWS?




This is a very robust and convenient tool when it comes to Audit and Risk managenent. Pentana Audit Work System lets you prioritize and schedule audits through a process of global risk assessment. Users define a library of global risk factors and score each entity against those factors. The result is a global risk score for each entity, which enables users to rank and compare the relative risk amongst their entities, enabling the prioritization and allocation of staff resources more efficiently.

We know that audit management is not about a single activity, but is a constant challenge of improving and refining your business processes. Our team of experienced audit and risk managers have designed the Pentana Audit Work System with state of the art functionality and our customers enjoy fast, friendly service and support at all times as needed.

How does Pentana Audit Work System (PAWS) operate?


 The Pentana Audit Work System operates at three distinct levels. 

  • Universe
  • Entity
  • Single Audit Mode

Pentana Vision


Pentana Vision is the future of audit management systems.  Developed from the ground up using the latest Microsoft technologies, Pentana Vision is not just another upgrade; it’s the next generation of audit and risk management software from Pentana and is set to prove that successful auditors have Vision.

Pentana Vision provides the technical platform for our long-term successor to the Pentana Audit Work System (‘PAWS’) and our wider product range.  Our mission with the Pentana Vision project is to embrace everything that is good in PAWS, while addressing key customer feedback in order to arrive at an unparalleled user experience.

Pentana Vision offers a modern and simple user interface and yet it is extraordinarily powerful.  Its ‘smart client’ approach delivers the rich functional experience of a Windows application and yet the simplicity of a browser application.

It takes time to succeed a product as powerful and flexible as PAWS, which had evolved through tens of man-years of continuous investment.  At present, Pentana Vision delivers a subset of the PAWS functionality, with remaining features due to be added progressively over time.

Is Pentana vision for you?

With limited current Pentana Vision functionality, many potential clients with a tight timescale will choose to implement PAWS first. As we add further functional areas over the next year, more new clients will elect to go straight to Pentana Vision.

As the functional areas covered by Pentana Vision increase, PAWS users will want to consider an appropriate time to move over to the new software. There is no additional license cost for upgrading to Pentana Vision as long as there is a continuous, paid up PAWS maintenance agreement for the appropriate number of users. However, clients will normally benefit from implementation consulting assistance to take full advantage of new Pentana Vision features.

Special price incentives are available to customers who are selected to act as ‘early adopters’ of Pentana Vision.


06 February 2013

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Create powerful reports

  • Gain better and more timely management information on which to base your decisions, through the extensive analysis and reporting features
  • Give management the key information they need with colorful high impact visual graphs and charts
  • Effortlessly produce context sensitive reports and automatically populate MS Office based audit reports and forms
  • Deliver real-time reporting across all business lines 

Save time and money

  • Enforce a consistent methodology to facilitate review and interpretation of results
  • Provide simultaneous access to all audit work for lead auditor review and manager approval without the need for document transfer

Assure full compliance

  • Comply with international risk and auditing standards, including Sarbanes-Oxley, AS/NZS 4360, Basel II and COSO.

Effortlessly input data

  • Reduce effort and the propensity for errors with the automatic data importer
  • Replace cumbersome spreadsheet and PC systems with a robust, flexible, scalable and easily accessible database system
  • Actively involve your business units in Control Risk self-assessment and in the timely completion of agreed actions

06 February 2013

Products - Pentana


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