Research at GA is about coming up with solutions that accurately predict business results in actual environments. Our efforts are therefore directed at piecing together precise, relevant, reliable and authenticated information. This forms a basis for a wise and well informed decision-making process be it strategic or short-term. Our dedicated team is focused on ensuring that your business connects to success.

Market sectors

Our research is customized to meet the needs across industries which are inclusive of Advertising & Communications, Automotive, Call Centers, Customer Experience, Financial Services, Food and Beverage, FMCG, Government & Public Sector, Healthcare, Household Durables, Luxury Goods, Media, Retail, Technology, Travel and Utilities

Research Techniques

Because we here at Grande Afrique consulting understand that business success is a precise endeavor we are keen to utilize reputable and globally accredited techniques to harvest and analyze information.

Quantitative techniques

We use this technique in order to form a generalized view point of consumers. The instruments we employ include:

  • Questionnaire surveys
    Our team is prepares structured and semi structured questionnaires that are representative and relevant to the information needed by our clients. This testing of a sample of respondents enables us to have generalizations of the entire market. This enables us to have a picture of a customer’s perspective of your brands or business.
  • Consumer intercept surveys
    This entails identification of locations with good population of target customers with mixed pools of attributes such malls, streets and game matches. This are conducted with a view of gaining fast response from many respondents from which the samples can be used to extrapolate the whole population.
  • Online surveys
    Our team of research consultants has a collective wealth of expertise in designing and conducting online surveys through tools such as Email survey and web survey. We target local or international market in a wide variety of languages. We use this as a tool of reaching isolated hard to reach populations making it immensely representative while at the same time saving and cost efficient.
  • Mail surveys
    We work closely with clients to enable us to identify critical information needs and design mail surveys that will best inform business decisions. We develop customized questionnaires for each project and structure them in a way that will generate accurate responses.. We follow up questionnaires mailed to respondents ensuring that we have a representative sample in response.

Qualitative techniques

We are committed to a qualitative technique approach in finding out the beliefs, values, feelings and motivations that influence behavior patterns of consumers. Instruments employed include:

  • Focus groups
    We utilize focus groups to generate accurate insights on market and consumer perceptions. Focus groups are the most preferred tools for tasks such as: customer surveys, product development and testing, Advertisement pre-checks and brand image development
  • In-depth interviews
    In order to elicit responses from more complex decision-making behavior of target respondents, we use in-depth interviews to source data. It is a useful tool in trying to understand key players in the market. In-depth interviews are applicable in gathering data from management decision makers or government authorities.
  • In-situ Interviews
    These are “on the spot” Involves interviewing respondents in their natural environment. Be in the office, marketplace, hospitals or restaurants, name it our team is on ground to conduct the interviews. In fact we conduct our interviews where consumers are doing what we are researching. We link In-situe interviewing to an accurate and more actual observation of consumer behavior.
  • Mystery shopper
    We are able to achieve real pragmatic data owing the technique of blending our researchers with the environment keeping the setting as natural as possible. From this technique we are able to draw more detailed information on behavior to more objectively address research criteria such as customer care or case study research or any situation requiring details.
    We also specialize in Phone Aided Personal Interviews& Computer Aided Personal Interviews. Our team of multilingual researchers can retrieve data and responses from as many diverse sources as possible. We also utilize technological installments that make our services efficient and fast for example: automated call processing system, predictive dialing capabilities and voice recognition techniques to screen out non productive calls,

Desk research

The lengths at which we go to research information for your questions will leave you beyond gratification. At Grande Afrique Our team works relentlessly to compile market reviews from different sources. Through a meticulous process of investigating secondary sources of information we will find that answer for you no matter how complex the question is.

To ensure that the data collection techniques capture industry-relevant data, Grand Afrique employs a data collection strategy that selects only relevant sources of data. As a result these strategies ensure that the following is achieved:

  • Well trained and experienced moderators are on ground to extract accurate responses from respondents.
  • Maintenance of an unbiased environment which is apt for various kinds of discussions.
  • The right procedure of selection is used to produce a representative mix of respondents for accurate data collection

So why do our techniques suit your research needs?:

  • We are well versed in industry standard tools like SPSS, Quantum, SAS among others
  • We can be able to liaise with data from any source makes.
  • Data results can be availed in a variety of formats as required by client such as ASCII, SPSS thereby making us flexible to your needs.
  • Highly qualified, skilled and well trained Data processing team

Research Services

  • Advertising and Branding
    Here GA offers tools that will make you achieve an understanding into what it takes to motivate people to buy. These tools provide a means of assessing the effectiveness of a communication strategy, basically tracking what kind of an impact your strategies have. These tools are applicable across the different media that are used to convey the communication.
  • Business consulting
    In the face of a resuscitating capitalism world full of volatile business environments, business concepts are crucial to the survival of your enterprise. Here at Grande Afrique your business is our business, which is why we have a tailored comprehensive business consulting portfolio that includes: growth strategy, market analysis and competitive strategy with your firm in mind.
  • Consumer experience
    Our research is geared towards making enterprises gain a full understanding of their consumers not as a whole but as individuals. This is essential in managing interactions between the consumers and the brand e.g.  Creating opportunities, salvaging damaged relations with consumers and managing consumer perceptions of a brand.
  • Performance tracking
    We offer you solutions to keeping a “tab” on how your brand is moving in the market which will help you prepare for changes in consumers perception of your brand. This is important in creating sustainable brand image and brand strength. We here work to provide you with key performance indicators such as customer retention and loyalty
  • Data collection & analysis
    We provide a variety of qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis techniques that may be required in conducting a market research project. Due to the flexible nature of our firm we are equipped to carry out data collection of any magnitude and apply industry standard tools to analyze the collected data and present it in the format you desire.
  • Corporate image and brand perception
    Our team focuses on getting you a clear picture of how consumers perceive your brands or corporate image. We are therefore able to deduct an independent image from what is perceived from inside the door
  • Pricing
    GA evaluates the price mechanism and elasticity and helps you determine the optimum price. This is done through use of experimental and non experimental techniques which are applied spontaneously on the different parts of the product cycle. As a result you are able to fix your price just below the roof which ensures that your product isn’t deemed as overpriced and at the same time ensuring your business remains profitable.


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