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Career auditor's investment in data software pays off

Godffrey Mwika stepped out of a high flying corporate job after working for 10 years with various top brands to set up a consulting firm that leverages on technology to tackle challenges facing businesses in the modern world.  In 2012, the career accountant and auditor with certification in accountancy, auditing and information systems quit his job to set up Grand Afrique Consulting, an outfit whose core business is provision and use of cutting-edge technology to access, audit, investigate and manage data in organisations.

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Why glance beyond the spread sheets


Daily organizations that are keen on growing continue to generate increasing amounts of data – sales, inventory, cost of goods, etc. – but raw data alone is not particularly useful. As a result, such organizations are investing in applications that enable them to make sense of their data to improve decision-making.  These applications come in the form of business intelligence, which enable business professionals to understand what happened in the past, and modeling tools, which enable proactive vis a vis reactive planning. In the past, CFOs have relied on spreadsheets for much of their information needs, but increasingly they are finding that they no longer fit the bill.


Business without the big five?



If ever there was an industry that could be considered to be evolving too fast, it would be the IT industry. Even an ardent follower of the new developments is sometimes unable to stay abreast of the changes. Technically adept professionals are sometimes left befuddled. 

Nevertheless, businesses still have to keep up with these trends. It is virtually impossible to stay ahead of the pack without employing and integrating technological advancements in your business operations. Technology has become the key to survival in the present aggressive business environment. Disregarding technology is akin to racing in a Toyota Vitz against the current Formula 1 Cars. You’ll definitely be left behind!

Just as important as recognizing the above, is to be able to pinpoint exactly what type of technologies will have the greatest positive impact on your business. It is vital to be able to select the technologies that can be put to a profitablly practical use.

“So what are the big five my business shouldn’t do without?” You might be wondering. Here are the latest big five: social media, mobility, cloud computing cyber security and analytics.

Social media

At the heart of this, lies the truth that, people are the core of any business, be they employees or customers. Businesses need to communicate with their customers and employee’s. Social media is changing how businesses undertake external and internal communication. Gone are the days of sending Memos to your employees and the typical approach of marketing through bill boards and TV advertisements.

There are much faster and effective ways of communicating through today’s technologies such as social networking, blogs, syndication, and wikis, rich media such as geo-localization, webcasts and Webinars, reputation systems (bookmarking and rating), virtual world events, interactive ads, applets and widgets. The question that you should be faced with now as a business is how to implement these tools rather than whether or not to use them



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