Every organization, whether profit making or not needs to continuously build it’s human resource capacity in order to have efficient output. Recruitment is expensive to any organization and so it’s every manager’s goal to tap the best and retain them the longest possible. The only way to do this is to recognize talent, enhance it and reward it for excellence. Reward in this case is not only financial but also in terms of skill.

It is in these interests that Grande Afrique has developed in-house training courses, classroom design trainings, revision classes for professional certifications as well as customized programs to meet unique needs of clients. We also conduct an annual trainer for trainers course aimed at keeping our clients abreast with issues affecting their areas of specialization.  Our consultants have continued to work to ensure that we align our client’s organizational training needs with their business strategies.

The following are our areas of speciality:-

  • ACL user training
  • Revision classes for CISM, CISA, CFE
  • Era user training
  • Budgeting and financial management training
  • ERP system training
  • Report writing
  • Information Systems Audit training
  • Asset management training
  • Process integration training
  • Organizational change training
  • Marketing and Sales training
  • Multinational business management in Africa - Gone are the days when Africa was known only as a recipient of grants with its only strongholds been agriculture and mining. There has been tremendous improvement in the business environment in Africa as a whole. Kenya, for instance, being uniquely and strategically situated economically in the East African region, makes for a great investment destination. A major contributor of this has been it’s recent track record in technological advancements. A testament to this has been the recent set up of office in Nairobi by giants like Microsoft, IBM, MasterCard and Nokia.  Economists surveys indicate that Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Egypt and Ghana are also prime for investment in the shortrun. Companies are now looking at Africa from a different scope. Multinationals have especially shown interest in a piece of Africa’s resources but lack of knowledge and exposure to the area has continued to prove a challenge. Other issues to consider that may hamper development when entering new territory are differences in business climate, culture, setting up the HR function, local regulations not forgetting competition. These challenges can be financially draining for a company that is trying to establish itself on new ground. It is for this reason that we have put together a special training package for companies that wish to set base in Africa, existing multinationals that wish to introduce a new product or service or foreign companies that wish to do market research to determine the adaptability of a line of business in any African country. Our consultants work with organizations to ensure that these concerns are laid to rest and the clients take off on good footing

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